A British Customers Enclosure

Hi Jim,

Sorry we haven't been in touch re. our cat run extension and the manual request for ages - I sorted out the money order at the end of last month but we were waiting to get pictures of the current set-up.

We now have those, which I attach here (also a couple of the cats!). Hope they give you a good idea of what we have at the moment. It looks a bit messy and the stuff that's in there is just temporary until we build something better.

The cats are obviously lovin' it! But it's important to note that, their owners will experience the pure joy of absolutely NO anxiety regarding the safety of their cats! The eMail they sent tells it like it is:

"Our Manual Makes It EASY!"
Walkway to house!

Outdoors in complete safety!

Toward the back!

Ariel Shot - nice work!