A Customers Enclosure

Dear Jim,

Hello! We hope that you had a good time on your trip. Here are some updated photos. I'm sending you 2 e-mails with 6 photos each. Please use these as you wish. I tried to divide them into two groups: 1.) Design and 2.)The use of the enclosure( or just an excuse to send you more photos of our cats!)

As you can see, we are all enjoying it! Thanks again for your design. Sam

The cats are obviously lovin' it! But it's important to note that, their owners will experience the pure joy of absolutely NO anxiety regarding the safety of their cats! The eMail they sent tells it like it is:

"Our Manual Makes It EASY!"
Very nice!
Gray Boy is enjoying it!

Ramps and shelfs - more territory!

A place for the bipeds to visit!