A Customers Enclosure

First, before we started and because we have a somewhat.... difficult neighbor, I called the city to see if we would need a building permit. They said that as long as it was under 6'4" we did not.

We decided to keep it under 6'4". In a way that helped quite a lot since we could recycle the landscaping timbers. The space where the enclosure is was part of my large garden, you can see one of the raised beds in one of the shots. I still have 4 which is plenty. So, instead of buying 8' 4x4's we used the landscaping timbers. We also bought sod rather than seed it. We couldn't bear to wait to let them out. So that brought the cost up but we think it's worth it.

I can't tell you how good it is to watch the cats sit and watch the birds, to walk through the grass (also eat too much and yak it up, <sigh>)

Regards. Mary.

The cats are obviously lovin' it! But it's important to note that, their owners will experience the pure joy of absolutely NO anxiety regarding the safety of their cats! The eMail they sent tells it like it is:

"Our Manual Makes It EASY!"
Here's the basic shell during construction.

One of the residents inspecting the job site!

Notice the enclosed walkway to the house!

Now here's a happy camper!