A Customers Enclosure

Hi Jim - Well, over the weekend I got the basic enclosure up. This all by myself and I've not done anything quite like this. I'm not as accurate as all your wonderful directions and measurements :-(, but I'm pleased for a first attempt. I expect that I will add extra modules in time and that those will continue to improve. I'm going to want to put in cat runs up high and levels, but I'm really pleased to have the basics up. Thanks so much for your directions. I'm quite certain that I would not have attempted it just on my own.


The cats are obviously lovin' it! But it's important to note that, their owners will experience the pure joy of absolutely NO anxiety regarding the safety of their cats! The eMail they sent tells it like it is:

"Our Manual Makes It EASY!"
Susan did a great job. I think her cats agree :-)
Well we can see that one of them is claiming "King of the Mountain!"