A Customers Enclosure
Built by Bruce - his eMail:

"I've just finished with my cat enclosure and I wanted to share a few photos with you. My completed enclosure has 4-8 foot and 2-4 foot territorial levels as well as 2 of my own inventions: Crows nests which sit at around 6 feet off the ground.  I've attached the enclosure to an already existing "school house" shed which has it's own foundation, 3 windows, 2 vents for air circulation and electricity! They can "get away" whenever they want to; inside.  In all; from the time I picked up the first load of wood until the last optional territortial level was built; was around 4 weeks, by myself a little at a time.  Thanks again for the plans. It was worth every penny.  Bruce, Canajoharie, NY   "

The pure joy of absolutely NO anxiety regarding the safety of your cat!

"Our Manual Makes It EASY!"

Nice! Lots of shade, and a shed to retreat to when it rains or gets cold!

Plenty of levels, limbs and stuff to climb on!

King of the Hill!

Excellent job on the ramp & tunnel!

PLUS a window and a Hammock!
Enjoying the limb!