A Customers Enclosure
Built by sisters - their eMail:

"Just wanted to say thank you for making your cat enclosure instructions so easy to follow. I am attaching a few pictures of some of my cats in the enclosure that my sister and I built completely by ourselves. It took us quite a long time to finish it because we have never built anything before plus we were only working on it about 4 hours every other weekend."

The cats are obviously lovin' it! But it's important to note that, their owners will experience the pure joy of absolutely NO anxiety regarding the safety of their cats! The eMail they sent tells it like it is:

"Our Manual Makes It EASY!"

These girls did some planning. I like the way they built a tunnel from the window into the enclosure

Here's 4 great looking cats that are enjoying their 'secure' outdoor experience!

The entry door for humans is double locked. Notice the chicken wire is also on the screen door. IMPORTANT!

Excellent job on the tunnel!

Cannot believe this was their first project! What a fantastic job ladies!