SafeCat Outdoor Enclosures
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I layed out the enclosure in slightly less than 8 foot square modules to take advantage of the standard board length. The book provides drawings and a materials list for a medium sized enclosure of 6 modules (384 sq ft). However, you can add or delete as many modules as you want, and there are some work sheets for you to plan the enclosure size, configuration, and list the required materials to figure out your cost.

As you can see in the picture, I installed tree stumps. I have one in the center and one toward the back of the cage. The cats love the opportunity to lounge on the limbs, sharpen their claws and play !

I worked on four different concepts, and even dabbled with the electronic fence. Finally, we came up with the right concept and the SafeCat enclosure works beautifully! Now, I no longer wonder who's NOT going to show up at night for the evening meal! This enclosure cost less than it did to have Cream (the blond Tabby in the picture) repaired after an encounter with an automobile. He had so many metal stitches up his back leg I called him FrankinCat ! The manual has over 65 detailed drawings to help during your project. Plus, you can always eMail or write me if there's any questions!

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