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Below is an excellent way for you to find a pet. If you are interested in a new pet, we PLEAD with you to please ADOPT and provide a life of love and happiness for these homeless animals! ZIP code is a must, but breed need be filled ONLY if you interested in a specific breed!



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Big Dog Rescue

Pet supplies. Pet products online for your dog, cat, fish, birds and all small pets and animals throughout the UK and Europe, worldwide too - Extensive aquarium and pond shop, aquarium supplies and pond products for clean healthy ponds too!. Seapets are the UK's leading online pet shop and pet store, for all of your pet supplies and accessories


International Society for Animal Rights

Cats In Kennel;s program

best friends sanctuary

Ask The Vet

patio pacific


Cats: The definitive answer for questions about cats, cat care and potty training Siamese kittens.

Pet Insurance Info A great site with plenty of information to help you decide if pet insurance is what you should consider, and if it is, help you select the right policy.

Felineway - This stuff is fantastic! It is a chemical copy of the facial pheromones present in cats. It dramatically reduces, and eliminates the spraying of urine by cats to mark a territory. read all about it on their site. I use it and it has worked wonders!

Just Rite - Great stuf for spots, odors, and other cat urine related problems. I use, I like!

Stop Your Cat From Scratching - article by a veterinarian with information on how to solve cat scratching problems without declawing.

The Cat Hospital - specializing in feline health for cats and kittens.

Cats Magazine - Feline health issues, grooming tips, breeds, contests and more.

Veterinary Information for Cats - Looks like good source of information regarding health questions.

Acorn Pet Company Invisible Fences, Bark Control Collars, Pet Beds, Pet Furniture, Automatic Pet Feeders, Remote Trainers, Pet Doors, Automobile Barriers, Dog Houses, Pet Car Seats, Exercise Pens

Chloe's Web: The Feline Leukemia Support Site - a collection of resources providing support to FeLV cats and their caregivers and vets, to those wishing to avoid FeLV, and to pet lovers everywhere.

Feline Leukemia Information - More information on this desease.

Dog Boarding - Camp Bow Wow Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camps provide a fun, safe and upscale environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of love and attention!

Pet Supplies - Pet Supplies Dog Toys and Cat supplies. Big warehouse selection, fast shipping and great customer service for all your pet supplies. Browse now.

Dog Beds - Pet Beds - Extra large orthopedic luxury dog beds for all breeds. Visit the online dog store for designer dog furniture and quality dog couches. Best dog beds wholesale direct. Breeders choice in a dog bed world wide.